Is it possible to make bahmni-openElis run on tomcat?

I want to integrate the bahmni version of openElis with client side application.I have a usecase where I need to to deploy openElis as standalone on tomcat.Does the openElis code(bahmni-version) support this,If no what are efforts required to run it as standalone as we run the openmrs. There are several talks but nothing is clear,I created this to take suggestion of @dkayiwa @darius @angshuonline

I try many time to build the openElis-bahmni but it’s does not build on window machine.I got the war file from bahmni-developer but that does not start in tomcat. Please provide some detail about this. Thanks

@naveed1228 unfortunately none of us have any experience building OpenELIS on windows, or deploying it standalone on tomcat. So I’m not really sure if anyone can help with this.

Just to check, you specifically need the Bahmni version of OpenELIS, but without Bahmni?

Yes,we are thinking to keep the architecture of our project simple as possible.We have developed the Client web Application in Angular according to our required case study. We are able to run the atom-feed module on openmrs and also trying to modify the bahmni-core to make it runable on the openmrs. Right now we want to make openElis run on tomcat and acheived the synchronization as bahmni did. This is story from our side.

Please if you have any other solution than this.Please let us know by your valuable advice. Thanks

I guess I would say that if you’re trying to have an OpenMRS-based EMR linked to OpenELIS via atom feeds, you should just run Bahmni itself. (It’s open source, you can even fork and modify it if need be.)

Alternately, if you don’t specifically need the Bahmni version of OpenELIS, you could look at the main line at (and perhaps they would be able to help you figure out how to build/run it on Windows).

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@darius I have setup the centos6.9 for the openElis this time I am able to build the war file but deploying it on tomcat show me the error 404 not found again.