Is it possible to add patient's information from a database in mysql an see it in the pannel?

Hello everyone, I am new to the forum and this is my very first question so do not be too hard. Thank you ! Could it be possible from a table created in the database (like the patient table), to see the information for this table directly into the administration console in the tab ‘patient’ giving for example the patient_id or the patient’s name?

Using mysql statement, i tried to add informations to the patient table like a patient_id, other date_log and wanted to get this back simple by giving it in the administration pannel under ‘find patient’. But it seems not to be possible, can anyone tell me why or explain a little bit? Sorry for the faults, but i hope it will be a little bit comprehensible. Thanks.

Yes you should be able to see data in a database table. Have you tried using any MySQL GUI client? Here is an example:

@dkayiwa, thanks for your reply. I am already able to add data in a database table, but i want to know for example, if i add informations relativ to a person or a patient in a own created table, should i be able to see this informations when i log into openmrs administration under field ‘patient’ giving for example the patient_id? if not, can something like this can be possible? Thanks

Did you try it out and see what happens?