Is it possible for us to clone the git repositories of Bahmni in ubuntu and link the compiled files to the CentOS virtual machine?

I have a Linux distro Ubuntu 16.04 in my main machine. I have a CentOS virtual machine where I have installed Bahmni.

I want to customize the source codes of Bahmni with OpenMRS in Ubuntu itself and link the compiled files to the Bahmni of virtual machine.

So, it is possible to do that? However, I am trying it though.

There are instructions to do this if you are using VM install using Vagrant.

the way I am solving it is to develop on an Ubuntu machine and compile there. Then I am using rsync to send my /dist folder over to my production machine (mine is a full VM hosted on ESXI)

then I change the symlink /var/www/bahmniapps to point to the directory that I copied over.

This seems pretty painless and let’s me develop and test pretty quickly, and then if I mess things up I can just point the symlink back to the original /opt/bahmni-web/etc/bahmniapps and revert to default.