Is it correct representation of Bahmni EMR Architecture?

Diagram - 1

Diagram - 2

If not, can it be modified further? I can share the PPT, if required.


I think it looks good. Thank you :slight_smile: @vinay, @bharatak, @angshuonline, @darius : Any suggestions?

This is mostly the EMR part. It doesn’t cover the ATOM feed integration pieces to talk to OpenELIS (Lab) and OpenERP (ERP). The high level architecture diagrams for Bahmni are here:

Also… even though I think your Presentation layer does represent accurately the various UI libraries, I think it makes for a complicated diagram. Might be better to just club them all into a generic name saying Angular/Javascript libraries or something.

Thank you for comments. I agree that the diagram represents only Bahmni EMR. I attempted to showcase technology stack for Bahmni EMR. The first diagram combines external dependencies under Angular but then for partners getting involved at Level 2 support, I thought the entire technology stack may help to understand program flow better. So I added diagram 2.