Is it appropriate to look for people to hire on Talk? And what category would I use.

Hi All,

My company has come to the OpenMRS community to attempt to find solutions for clinical data for a range of use cases, as well as to attempt to assist in efforts to make OpenMRS stored records more available using HL7 FHIR Resources and Protocols.

We are currently working with a consortium of companies, government institutions and NGOs on a bid to a global funder to provide a platform for an immunization register for a specific African country. We would like to recruit people with OpenMRS experience, at commercial rates, to assist us with customising or extending OpenMRS for this purpose - contributing any base OpenMRS code modifications back to the OpenMRS open source code base.

Is there an appropriate Talk Category where such a call for people interested in paid work on OpenMRS can be made?

Thanks Keith


Hi @keithduddy,

That would be the Job Board.


Hi @keithduddy

We are an organization that has experience with OpenMRS and we have active projects at the moment with skilled engineers. We have collaborated with Dimitri previously. Please connect with me on this topic if you with to discuss further.


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Thanks Rafik,

I’ll get in touch if we are preparing another RFP response that includes an OpenMRS deployment.

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