Is it allowed to delete omod files?

The modules are located as “omod” file in the following Folder:

C:\Users{username}\Application Data\OpenMRS\modules\

Most of them I don´t want on my dashboard. Which modules are needed, which ones can be deleted? How else do I get buttons from the dashboard?

Hi @dietl

Yes you can delete modules but it depends on why you would want to do that, for example you may not want to delete modules that make the Ref App run like User interface modules or any other modules that rely on each other

But you can as well restore them when needed, just follow the steaps listed HERE

Thanks Jonathan! Yes, I suspected that. So I’m interested in the module names, which should not be deleted? That’s probably not that many. Or how can I manage the dashboard differently.


what do you exactly mean by dashbord ?? are you talking about the module list page ??

did you intend to mean you don’t want some functionalities ??

Please attach a screenshot to elaborate more on what you want.

However , depending on what you want , whether you want to run the platform or reff app, there are key modules that must run as a must. So can you be more elaborative on what you want ??

The idea is to minimize Openmrs so that after launching Openmrs the user only has the buttons and the functions he needs. Actually we only need a table and a form for the names and diagnoses. As a dashboard I refer to ! the main page, which the user has in front of him when he starts the program.

You would want to take a look at openmrs distriutions and also How to administer modules .

Thanks Mozzy, I have tried to install Bahmni for a few hours. Unfortunately, the Vargant Box can not be opened in the browser. Is the installation of the other distributions similarly complex? I hope for simple solution.

I’ve tested around. The best solution is not to delete omnd files. But to regulate it over the user rights. Thanks for the support.

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true better that way . Hope youve looked at this

great that was the best option since deleting all those modules could break the app since they depend on each other!!