Is FHIR2 Module 1.0.0 bundled with new Bhamni Distributions?

Hello to you hard working FHIR module people. Congratulations on this new FHIR2 module.

I am trying to get the right OpenMRS distribution, or download, that includes the new FHIR2 module, and the main Wiki recommends the use of a Distribution for this. The Bhamni Distro looks right for my purposes, but it’s documentation pages don’t mention FHIR at all.

I wonder if this module needs to be installed separately after Bhamni is installed? Do you know if the version of OpenMRS in the latest Bhamni (0.92) is compatible with your FHIR2 module?

Or should I start with a different distribution, or other installation mechanism to be able to install and use the FHIR2 1.0.0 module?

I see in another thread that Daniel Kayiwa says:

/Try using the 2.0.0-beta platform together with the snapshot version of the module./

Does that sound like the best advice?

Thanks for your help… Keith

Fhir2 module can run on OpenMRS verison 2.0.5 - 2.* ,
and Bahmni 0.92 runs on platform version 2.1.1.
So ideally it should run perfectly.
checkout this demo server here
cc @moshon

Hi @keithduddy! As @mozzy mentioned Bahmni 0.92 should be compatible with the FHIR2 module, although this hasn’t been extensively tested and we have had some bug reports, so it’s installable, but may not be fully functional at this point. One thing that’s worth pointing out is that the FHIR2 module is incompatible with the old FHIR module. I don’t know if the old FHIR module is bundled in Bahmni 0.92, but if it is, it would need to be either removed or de-activated before the FHIR2 module can be used successfully.

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Hi again @ibacher ,

Thanks for the compatibility assessment between the Bhamni release and the OpenMRS version that the FHIR2 module has been developed against.

I’m pretty sure the old FHIR module is not included in Bhamni (it’s not listed at their documentation web site), so hopefully we can install it first and add FHIR2. I’ll take a look at the bug list so we know what to expect. But if I find it there after install, I’ll make sure we uninstall it before trying FHIR2.

Thanks again! …|<

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And thanks for your advice too @mozzy !