Is anyone using pageduty at all?

This was discussed almost a year ago:

We now have datadog to do all the fine-grain monitoring on each machine (disk, memory, certificates, docker, dns, you name it). The few machines with new relic are being replaced. Datadog sends emails to infra group, so I can take a look on the next day or so.

For urgent stuff (as in, if a relevant system is down) we have pingdom. Pingdom will notify and configured users (in my case, I receive push notifications on my phone). Which is great, because if I’m awake and available, I will see the notification pretty soon.

@pascal / @maany / @burke , in the last year, did you receive any alert from pageduty that you guys actually took any action?

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Nope. I think PagerDuty’s advantage is when you have a team sharing call and can schedule and switch on-call roles.

I think we could shut down PagerDuty and revive it if/when we’re lucky enough to have a team of people sharing call who need it’s features.

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Nope, and I agree it’s probably not necessary anymore based on all the awesome stuff you’ve got configured.

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I’d recommend you set up a Telegram bot and have all the outage alerts go to the infra chat. PagerDuty was the bane of my existence when I was on the infra team. I’ve yet to actually implement that kind of alerting again.

FYI – I’ve cleared out PagerDuty and am awaiting our final invoice to be paid before I can officially cancel the account.