IPD Billing and accounting in Bahmni

Is there IPD billing in openERP? if yes, how to enable it? Thanks in advance!

Hi, right now IPD billing is not available out of the box. Existing implementation have manually created a product of type service and using it for billing.

Thanks Swathi for your response. Attached is the screenshot of the OpenERP code that I was going through in CentOS. By any means is there any way that I can debug those codes. So that I can develop something for IPD billing?

Not sure why you would need to write code for this. The idea is to setup “Services” and “Products” in OpenERP, that the Cashier/Billing person can “add” to the patient’s quotation while creating a bill. So, if a person was admitted, then charges for bed can be added as a “service”.

For more information please read this:

User Manual for Stock Management: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1R5uvdBmfgLR_ccbFTiGKDpN8x2Hc6xDHcuPUkz_hKO8/edit#heading=h.1tw1ormw2zhl (See the section on how to create a service)