Invitation to update Wiki pages through the Trello Board

The documentation squad is working hard to see that our wiki pages are up to date with information relevant to support the openmrs community in running day to day business. Where else can we find the relevant info if not the wiki? Nevertheless, the team cannot manage to complete the tasks without community support.

On that note, the documentation squad invites technical support from the community members as we do this tremendous job. On the Trello (, under the upnext section, are a number of cards ready for work. Forexample, highlights a card in need of documentation about Quarterly-Stats-Scripts. There has been a thread on talk, (OpenMRS Quarterly Stats Scripts) about the topic during the previous few weeks and we guess so many people in the community would like to know more about it. Why not update such pages to make it easy for community members to understand different topics on talk by consulting the wiki pages?

Your positive response will be highly appreciated.

c.c. @dev null, @dev1, @dev2, @dev3, @dev4, @dev5


thanks grace for sharing this cc @grace @jennifer

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Thanks @gracebish for updates and well done :ok_hand:

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