Invitation to Participate: Architecture Design re. Domain Decomposition for Frontends

Right now the Micro Frontend Squad is trying to make some significant design decisions around Domain Decomposition. This is a big deal, because it creates a framework for really easily loading/unloading MFs and makes it easy to imagine creating small features. This would make it possible for our community to share frontend apps and widgets with each other much more easily and scalably in the future. :handshake:

The outcomes of this discussion so far are documented here in the Wiki (along with some nice architecture drawings, thanks @florianrappl! . :art:

  • I’m interested - what should I do? Read the write-up @florian has posted in the Wiki here. If you have questions or suggestions, please join the #microfrontends channel on OMRS slack and post there. :slight_smile:

  • I’m already in the #microfrontends squad/slack group - what should I do? As above, please review this write up, and share your feedback with the team in slack. @florianrappl is on paternity leave but is very happy to answer our thoughtful questions and feedback. We will likely dig more into Domain Decomposition in the next couple MFE Squad calls, so you’ll benefit from having this background.

@jdick @mksd @mksrom @bistenes @nkimaina @corneliouzbett @jecihjoy @ibacher @dkayiwa @burke (Please also tag others who may be interested :slight_smile: )