Introduction and just curious

I am new to Bahmni and just kind of stumbled onto it when I was on the internet. I was a radiologist, but currently temporarily retired. I have some experience with PACS, both as an end user and somewhat involved with early development. I sometimes use OSIRIX on Mac OS, and I have installed DCM4CHEE on OS X. I noticed with the 2.1.x version of DCM4CHEE that I could a few errors in the server log (another issue), but it seems to be working for the most part. Seems like there are some more recent versions and “mini” versions of DCM4CHEE that use an updated JBOSS server.

Anyway, just wondering if Bahmni can be installed on OS X ? I think that with something like “HomeBrew” you might be able to install RPM packages, but I’m not sure that that is supported with El Capitan, or if there are other package managers that would work. I could compile the src if necessary if I thought it was worth the effort.

I am mostly interested in seeing how it all works and potentially getting involved with development.

Are there hooks for Bahmni to interact with DCM4CHEE or any PACS system ? Does it use up to date industry standards for DICOM and HL7, etc. ? Can it interact with and exchange information with other EMR’s.

If so, and if it can be installed on OS X, I might want to give it a try, something to get involved with and something that I have an interest in.

Thanks. Nice documentation on the WIKI.


Thanks for the introduction @sscotti. Welcome to the Bahmni community : )

I think mostly everything you asked got answered here already: Bahmni on MacOSX, Parallels, Orthanc and OSIRIX

Yes, you can run Bahmni on MacOSX, via Vagrant (Virtual Box). Steps mentioned here:

Nice documentation on the WIKI.

Thanks! : )