Introducing the next scrum master 2021

Hello community;

Its been more than a year since i took up the role of being a scrum master.It has been an amazing role around the community and thanks for the people who supported me during that time cc @herbert24 @jwnasambu .I am stepping down as a scrum master to give space to @gracebish who is among the people who have helped on scrum. She will take on this role very well and even do better in the year 2021 and i am glad to introduce her to the community as the next scrum master 2021 . cc @dkayiwa @jennifer @grace @dev2 @dev3 @dev4 @dev5


Thanks @gcliff for your active service and for entrusting me with this responsibility. I am looking forward to great success with your support and guidance.

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@gcliff thanks for leading us faithfully in the passed year. @gracebish we look forward working with you.

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Well done @gcliff , And thanks @gracebish for accepting scrum master role 2021/2022 All the best

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Great work done @gcliff

@gracebish Wish you all the best

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Thanks to all the community members for the warm welcome; and i gladly accept the responsibility knowing that all of you are ready to stand with me this year. Thank you @gcliff once again. You have challenged me with your excellent service during the previous year and i look forward to more guidance this year.


what time is scrum , i need to start attending :pleading_face: ??

5:30 EAT…

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FYI @mozzy, I made a calendar event in the OMRS Google Calendar to help me remember too :slight_smile: Here’s the link if you want to add this to your own calendar: