Introducing patient relationship entry into the patient registration module?


I have a requirement to be able to enter patient relationships (mother/child, doctor/patient) via the 2.0 patient registration page.

  1. Has anyone else had a similar requirement / worked on this?
  2. Can anyone think of the easier possible way to do this? from what i’ve seen, there’s no way of easily configuring the registration app - rather, I might have to write a bunch of custom java code to do so…
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You can add another section via the registration app’s config, a section contains questions that way you can add relationship related questions

Must it be via the registration app vs from the patient dashboard?

There is an app, disabled by default and maybe not quite production ready, to capture relationships, accessible from a link on the dashboard.

Cool! thank you :smile:

@wyclif, I thought that the registration app config only supported the inclusion of person attributes? its cool if it supports relationships too!

@darius, are you talking about the ‘referenceapplication.personalRelationships’ app? using both demo.openmrs and devtest01, I enabled this app via the manage apps view, and then looked through the clinician facing page. I cant seem to see any link for relationships on this page? it seems as if some further configuration is needed to make this work? :frowning:

@surangak, shame on you for modifying devtest01 :wink: It’s for automated tests only and should never be accessed for manual testing.

@Surganga, the registration app config supports adding literally anything via the sections/questions field only that it isn’t very straight forward especially for things where there is no existing standard widget for the field you wish to add.

Hmm, peeking at the code I see that this app is extra disabled (it’s also feature-toggled off).

To turn it on, do either of two things:

  1. Read this wiki page about how to turn on Feature Toggles, and enable one named “referenceapplication.personalRelationships”
  2. Go to Manage Apps and add an app just like this one, but without the featureToggle property.
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@surangak, I’m looking for a similar feature in patient registration workflow to avoid control data redundancy and family monitoring. Any progress made in the direction or any idea on the implementation strategy??