Introducing My Self to Community

(Nadeeshan Gimhana) #1

Hello, I am Nadeeshan Gimhana, an undergraduate studying Computer Science and Engineering of the University of Moratuwa and I like to program in Java and Python; in addition, I have basic JS, Php knowledge. Often times, I want to do something for open source software. I think this is a great opportunity for me to start.

My GitHub profile is: Github My blog profile is: Medium

Experiences I have some experience in Android and Firebase. I developed a computerized maintenance management system using Php, Vue.JS, and SemanticUI, and now. In addition, I have hands-on experience in Spring and Angular also.

Interests In my internship period, I got the chance to work within the Health care domain. I developed a Notification Platform using Cerner/Epic systems using those as data sources. So I have experiences in Healthcare domain and hence would like to contribute OpenMRS as my GSOC 2019.

So how do I get a head start to the project? I would like to involve fixing some newbie bugs/new features to understand the code base first.

I appreciate someone can guide me.

Thanks and Best Regards, Gimhana

(Juliet Wamalwa) #2

Welcome to the community, though the link for introducing yourself to the community is this.

(Herbert Yiga) #3

heilo welcome to the community kindly look at this to get moving


helo Gimhanna, yo most welcome and kindly follow the links from juliet and herbert to get started with OpenMRS

(Nadeeshan Gimhana) #5

Thanks and will look into those now