Introducing Jayasanka Weerasinghe, new Product Quality Engineering Lead

Dear Community, Please join me in welcoming @jayasanka to his new role starting today in our part-time Product Quality Engineer role. Many of you know Jayasanka because he has been such a positive and encouraging community member since we met him through GSOC almost 3 years ago. We are thrilled to have him officially joining folks like myself, @dkayiwa, @raff & @ibacher with the OpenMRS Global Product Support Team so we can better support the amazing OpenMRS community.

About the Role: In this Product Quality Engineer role, Jayasanka becomes our technical QA lead/steward. But that doesn’t mean he will do all our QA tasks!! In fact, some highlights of this stewardship role include: leading & collaborating with devs from the community on our QA automation, helping us establish processes and a culture so that we can release regularly with confidence, improving our DevX of QA at every layer of our test pyramid, and helping improve our related documentation. All while continuing to coach and support our amazing contributors who are keen on building a high-quality software project together. This includes technical guidance for implementer organizations interested in test automation. It’s a big mission, and I know folks like @dennis & @dkayiwa & @ibacher & myself are keen to support him, since QA is really about Product Quality after all!

Jayasanka brings an infectious passion for open source and continuous learning. Many community members we’ve recently seen growing around OpenMRS were introduced and mentored into the community by Jayasanka himself.

About our colleague: Jayasanka joins us from Sri Lanka :sri_lanka: (IST time zone)

He joins us now from Comunin, a Norwegian healthcare software startup where he was a lead developer. At Comunin, he was helping to build software to personalize optimal care in all phases of the cancer patient journey aiming for value-based and sustainable healthcare. It was a cloud-based solution for capturing and visualizing patient-reported data and providing digital support functions for patients.

He has contributed to OpenMRS for three years, working on projects including improving the OpenMRS DHIS2 integration, initiating end-to-end testing for OpenMRS3, rebuilding the Cohort Builder, and mentoring many OpenMRS contributors.

Aside from OpenMRS, he was an active member of several other Open Source communities. He led a non-profit organisation named Sustainable Education Foundation (SEF) which aims to improve the education system of Sri Lanka. He was also a contributor to the Lanka Software Foundation, which builds large-scale open-source systems for the Sri Lankan government. He recently led the development of one of their projects, “Elixir”; which is an open-source application that helps the Red Cross Association to address the acute medical supply shortage in Sri Lanka.

Welcome Jayasanka!! :tada:


Thank you so much for the warm welcome, Grace. I’m really looking forward to working with you all! :innocent::hearts:


Welcome to Openmrs community and hope to learn more from you too.

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Hey @jayasanka Welcome welcome welcome! :hugs: So good to meet you here! Having interacted with you for a bit, I have a sneaky feeling that working with you will be a bliss!


Welcome @jayasanka :tada:

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Thanks @erica @jwnasambu and @nikeshbalami ! :heart:

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congrats @jayasanka

Welcome @jayasanka