Introducing Dennis Kigen, new Frontend Development Fellow Mentor


Dear Community, Please join me in welcoming @dennis, who starts today as a Full-Time Frontend Development Fellow Mentor, joining folks like myself, @dkayiwa, @raff & @ibacher with the OpenMRS Global Product Support Team so we can better support the amazing OpenMRS community. Dennis’ focus will be especially on our Frontend/O3 framework and resources. We hope to make life better for folks around the world using the O3 product by creating a great experience for developers/contributors using the O3 foundation.

I know we have had quite a journey with various folks supporting the O3 framework over the last 3 years. Dennis has been there alongside folks like @bistenes, @zacbutko, and @florianrappl for a while and has shown he is driven to be a key part of OpenMRS’ groundbreaking O3 momentum.

Welcome @dennis, we are so glad you are here!! :tada:

About Dennis:

Hey, I’m Dennis Kigen. I’m a Frontend Software Engineer based in Eldoret, Kenya. :kenya: (EAT time zone)

Previously, I worked as a Software Engineer at AMPATH, where I helped build AMPATH Point of Care - an electronic medical records system serving over 220,000 patients at over 26 sites across Western Kenya. I contributed to the AMPATH Form Engine and Form Builder, the AMPATH ETL, as well as the REST backend. I developed a penchant for writing readable and maintainable code and a sharp focus towards testing and documentation.

The highlight of my time at AMPATH was getting the chance to join the OpenMRS 3.x frontend development squad at its inception several years ago. I got the opportunity to work alongside talented folks like Donald Chelashaw, Jonathan Dick, Florian Rappl, Fatma Ali, Greg Schmidt, Joel Denning and more. I got the chance to make numerous contributions to the 3.x platform, shipping code, tests and developer experience and architectural improvements. Along the way, I’ve had the good honour of being able to mentor dozens of developers and work alongside a global multidisciplinary team.

I believe strongly in the potential of OpenMRS 3.x to help revolutionize patient care in low-resource healthcare settings. I’ve experienced first-hand the problems OpenMRS is trying to solve, and I could not be more motivated to help tackle them.


@dennis Welcome to openmrs community and I can’t wait to learn more from you. Karibu sana.


Thank you @jwnasambu!

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@Dennis you are very welcome, brother :heart:

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Yaay! Congrats dkigen, well-deserved.


Congrats @Dennis, wish you all the best on your new role.


Congratulations Dennis


Welcome @Dennis:hugs: Good to see you here. I am looking forward to continue seeing the fruits of the passion you bring to work. Cheers!