Introducing Data Integrity Module v4.0

Continuing the discussion from Data Quality Dashboard:

Thanks to ThoughtWorks for agreeing to merge efforts for the data integrity module which has received a bump from 3.0 to the new 4.0. This is a complete re-write so all previous rules will not work.

Current documentation is here

Example rules are here

More documentation and examples will be coming in due course

cc @bharatak @darius @sdeepak


Glad to see the efforts merging!

Does this module have a UI that works in both Bahmni and the reference application? (And what about the legacy UI?)

I am thinking about the same as well, @darius and @ssmusoke. Does this module work for Bahmni, Ref App, and also Legacy UI? If not, how can implementers know which version of Data Integrity Module they should use?

The UI is for Bhamni currently with a work stream to build a Refapp OWA

Thanks for clarification, @ssmusoke.

For those who might be interested, I have tested Data Integrity Module 4.0 in Platform 1.11.6. It doesn’t show on Legacy UI. It also doesn’t show on Ref App 2.3.

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@ayeung sorry had not understood your question. The last versions of the module with a legacy UI is 3.0 - which has the Highcharts library and charting features removed from 2.3.

If there is a need for charting then go for 2.3, otherwise use 3.0.

The 4.0 (master) is a complete rewrite with code donated by ThoughtWorks, and the first UI built will be for the Ref App