Introducing bots in AC

Hi, I think we should now introduce some AI bots in Android Client. For example- A chatbot can be there to whom we can chat & and a tutorial bot that pops up on first use and guide the user similar this goes for reference app also. We can use some open source bots link Botpress & botkit. Shall I create an issue on this?

cc: @f4ww4z @dkayiwa

@devanshk09 I don’t think it’s necessary to add bots right now, it won’t be our top priority since the app already has intro slides and user guide. Please tell us the advantages of using the bots in the app. Will the app still perform well?

@f4ww4z sir I think slides are good but bots will be great because of following-

  1. It makes interaction with the user easy and more attractive.
  2. It will also make things easy to understand for the user as it can highlight each function and tab in system dashboard (Just like practical). Just like in big editors etc. on first boot.
  3. A chatbot can take customer support far away and the customer has also not to go to the web for customer support.
  4. It will modernize AC with great interaction and UI :wink: