Introducing Angular Formentry Open Webapps(By Ampath)

We have developed a pretty powerful Openmrs form-entry tool for use in our point of care system. Unfortunately up to this point the only way you could get to use it is by actually using our point of care system which may not always be possible. To allow other people implementing Openmrs to have access to our form-entry tools we are developing a stripped down version of our point of care system which will make it easy to try out the tools. We will deliver the tools as to separate open Web apps packages one being the form builder and the other being the actual form entry application. To that end here is a zip containing the web apps (OWAs) , app configs and sample forms. here , for setup instructions please follow the screencast here . Note that in the screen cast am using the ref app 2.8.0 standalone and if your using a custom implementation make sure you have the Open Web Apps Module installed. If you are interested feel free to reach out to me or @jdick @nkimaina


Thank you so much @achachiez and your team for sharing with the community! :slight_smile:

Do you have something like a demo server which we can try out without having to first install anything?

@achachiez It would also be great if you could host a brief demo of the product for the community, that way they can also ask questions where appropriate.

Let me know if we could schedule a session during our next design forum slot on Monday 21

Sure we will try get it setup

Thats great I will be glad to do the demo.