Interpreting OpenMRS issues before claiming them.

How do i get to know what to change or the task to perform on an issue, and how to perform it, before i claim an issue…

hello @jnsereko i think you need to read through the description on the issue plus the comments made if any for a better understanding of what to do and if you can not still fathom what the issue requires then you can inquire for some pointers from the person who created the issue and also from other senior devs in the community :slightly_smiling_face:

@jnsereko We delighted to have you on board to contribute…Hope you had a chance to look through the developer manual to get dev environment set up and also grasped a picture of what has also been built…If yes then I would encourage you to start by taking a look at tickets tagged as introductory which usually have ample information on what needs to be done for a specific issue…

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good morning every one! I have managed to claim an issue and i have imported its code into eclipse IDE. i thought i had understood what to do on the ticket. But i am now confused.
here is a link to the ticket TRUNK-5387. How can i know more about the ticket because the description is not satisfactory. But i really want to close the ticket. Help me :roll_eyes::roll_eyes: