Internationalization of Bahmni

Dear All,

Translated diagnoses concept cannot be found from Bahmni frontend CLINICAL/DIAGNOSIS. It’s working just fine in English but other field such as complaint field finds it just fine in same locale.

But bahmni chief complaint field searches and finds without issue in different locale. How do I fix this issue ? how to make diagnosis field search just as the chief complaint field ?

If those concepts are mapped to CIEL concepts, I would very much like to get the translations into the shared dictionary so others could benefit from having them. Can you provide them? For example, CIEL has Russian for Headache: Головная боль

Yes, fortunately i have translated all more than 100k lines to russian aswell. But it’s all mapped in ICD 10 - WHO. I have failed to download CIEL on bahmni. It just broke everything when i tried to import CIEL trough OCL import. As soon as i solve the issues i am currently having i will be writing some guide so no other soul has to repeat the same mistakes and lose few month on every wrong turn :slight_smile:

Would you consider exporting the concept dictionary with english and Russian? You can always load CIEL into a standalone MySQL database and link Concept_ID, concept_name, locale, concept-mapped WHO code… and then compare. However, maps to ICD-10 are not usually “SAME-AS” so the english term might be more specific than the ICD-10 description.

if you could elaborate it will be very helpful. i am not very knowledeable in any sql languages so linking and comparing will require quite a tight curve for me to overcome. If there is any helpful articles it will be very helpful.

Also anyone from BAHMNI guys who can help me on the initial issue of diagnosis cannot search UTF-8 queries while complaint can ?