Internationalization of Bahmni reports

Hello, I want to translate titles of reports and inside of my created report to different language. Could you guide me how to do it? Can i insert my translation into locale_ru.json that in bahmniapps/i18n/reports folder? If yes, where can i find appropriate translation keys?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @msaule, We do not have internationalization enabled on Report names. Can’t recollect the reason why but this is piece of code where we need to do it. Changing {{::}} to {{:: | translate}} would enable internationalization and you can start giving Translation Keys and localizations in reports config itself. If you are willing to you can give a pull request with the change.

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Hi, @swathivarkala, Thanks. How about translating report itself? I mean this page:

Sorry, that is also not internationalized as on now.

Its been three years.

Any progress about this?

We are tackling some of the internationalization gaps in the current release. But not this one. You are welcome to sign up for that :slight_smile: