Interested in Hosting the 2018 OpenMRS Implementers’ Conference?


For the past 12 years, the OpenMRS Implementers’ Conference (OMRS) is held in a different country where our community gather to learn from each other and celebrate their accomplishments. Last year, the 12th conference was hosted by Malawi where 175 developers, implementers, and volunteers from 20 countries came together to talk about all things OpenMRS and develop strategies to improve the applications of the software.

We have begun planning for OMRS 2018 and now we’ll leave it to anyone interested in hosting this year’s conference!

If you are interested in hosting the 2018 OpenMRS Implementers’ Conference, Please review the following criteria we’ve developed to help ensure success and guide you in the preparations for this event:

  • Significant local OpenMRS community activity, that is, a presence of regional community with the country, hackathons, long-standing community membership e.t.c.
  • Country helps support long-term strategic interests of the OpenMRS community
  • Easy access, that is, good international airport, liberal visa policies, local transportation.
  • Availability of travel and hotel infrastructure suitable to host the meeting.
  • Provision of good security throughout the conference.
  • Commitment to OpenMRS as a network, regional, or country level platform for patient-level record keeping.
  • Strong local hosting organization with an ability to engage local resources/sponsorship
  • Underserved environment.
  • Willingness to host OpenMRS clinical site visits.

If interested, please fill in the following application form: Here

We will reach out to those of you that have previously applied to host this event.

If you have any questions, please send an email to events . One can also get in touch directly with :

The application deadline is: 30 April 2018 by 11:59 pm in whichever time zone you’re applying in.



Thanks @christine

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thank you sir

Do you have a copy of the application form questions available as an offline version (such as a word document) that we can send out if needed?

No, we don’t. As far as I know we’ve not received requests for one.

Please be advised that, due to some requests, we are extending the application deadline to April 30th at 11:59pm. @christine, can you update your post to reflect this change?

We’re getting some really great applications and I can’t wait to see the rest!


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Applications for the OpenMRS Implementers Meeting will close April 30. If you are interested in being involved in reviewing the applications, please let @jeffneiman know or respond to this post. We will be reviewing the applications in the next 7 to 10 days to identify applications that meet the criteria. We will then share these applications with the community so that the community can indicate their preference for location. Thanks for your interest.

Do we have a target date yet for this year, or is that pending picking a location?

no date yet though December keeps coming up!

When we polled people about the timing of implementer meetings, the majority favored trying to go back to September where we started (2006-2010 were in September, 2011-2013 in October, 2014 didn’t happen, 2015 was delayed to January, and 2016-2017 were in December).

Hello Team, Does anyone have any latest updates on the 2018 implementers’ conference

I guess you are looking for this: Cast your votes on this year's OMRS18 Implementers' Conference host location!

Thank you @dkayiwa