Integration with Patient Administration System (PAS)

Hi, I was wondering if anyone has undertaken a deployment of OpenMRS where it has been integrated with a PAS for managing demographic data.

I am currently building a small scale proof of concept model based on the ICT environment used in Tasmania. Here we use a PAS as a central point for storing all demographic data, which can be read by other systems.

Regards, Ben

Or any information relating to accessing external systems in general would be extremely helpful. i.e. reading results from external Pathology systems etc.

Does the external system expose some sort of interface for pulling or pushing data into it? This could be a REST API or something else. For accessing OpenMRS data using REST, you could take a look at

Thank you for that Daniel. At this stage i’m just looking at reading in data from the external databases. They don’t have any interfaces and as such i plan to use Mirth connect to do this. An example would be if new results get added into the pathology DB, Mirth would then send the ORU message to OpenMRS for viewing under the patients record. Thank you again for your help.