Integration with Hearth

As a futher development of the work done to integrate with OpenEMPI as part of HIE integration, @shaoyuan and I are exploring possible SHRs to connect with.

Based on OpenHIE’s documentation on reference technologies, it appears that OpenSHR is no longer officially supported, and it seems that Jembi will be demoing HEARTH as the new OpenHIE reference SHR at the OpenHIE connectathon next week.

I have not been able to find existing work done on integrating OpenMRS with HEARTH, although @craigappl has mentioned that they were considering it before as OpenSHR has had scalability issues. Does anyone have experience with this or have previously planned what work is required?

As HEARTH is a FHIR server, I believe we would have to use the FHIR module for this? This is the most recent update I can find on the FHIR module, and based on the wiki it seems that most basic functionality should already be supported. Could I check if there have been further updates, and if anyone knows where I can find documentation on how to utilize this module?

I understand that some of this functionality would be fairly similar to Sync 2.0, especially work done by @pgesek , am wondering if we can leverage some of the development work done there or if it should be completely separate?

If/when the FHIR module is working and usable, I believe the next step would thus be to integrate generic SHR functionality into registration core/registration app, similar to what was done for MPIs, and then allow users to use global properties to choose between the FHIR module/other SHR modules for OpenSHR. After that we can evaluate which other areas of OpenMRS need SHR integration worked in.

Does this approach sound sensible or is there other active/completed development that may have done what we need?

Thanks for all your help!


FYI: @mogoodrich @mseaton @ball


This sounds sensible to me. Another use case for me would be using HEARTH as a centralized patient record where many instances of OpenMRS will connect to it centrally such that patients can be identified across installations uniquely and be given care regardless of the facility they visit. I will be seeking more information on this from the Jembi team during the Arusha OpenHIE conference and possible avenues for collaboration. We at intelliSOFT have interest in this intergration. cc @wanyee

That’s great. Hope to hear more from you after the conference. I will be starting by setting up demo instances of Hearth and Sync 2.0 and see if I can determine what is functional so far.