integrating jitsi with teleconsultation in bahmni

Hi everyone, @angshuonline

I’m trying to integrate a self-hosted Jitsi server using the instructions from this guide with Bahmni 0.93v Docker on Ubuntu. After setting up Jitsi, I need to know if there are any specific configurations required on the Bahmni side to ensure it uses the self-hosted Jitsi server instead of the default one, which is limited to 5 minutes. Specifically, where in Bahmni should I configure this?

Additionally, I’m encountering an issue when creating an appointment; I receive the error “You have a no-service date conflict.” I have already configured the admin page for the services to match the time and day of the appointment I am creating. Below is a screenshot of the error message. Any insights or guidance on resolving these issues would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Screenshot 2024-05-29 114629

@rahu1ramesh Can you assist here? I remember we had the appointments issue addressed