Integrating Bahmni Mart database with Bahmni Reports

We are in the process of creating a Bahmni Mart database as mentioned in Creating a Bahmni Mart database for analytics.

Writing reports/indicators in Mart database is simpler than doing the same in Openmrs database. For this reason, we are planning to integrate Mart database with Bahmni Reports. We will soon come up with our approach and design. Please provide us any inputs/requirements regarding the same so that we can consider them before coming up with the approach.

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Bahmni Mart database will help in simplifying the writing SQL reports for a Bahmni implementation project. As database is flattened it becomes very easy to write some of the current complex SQL report. Bahmni Mart should be made accessible from the Bahmni Report so that the users dont have to switch to different application to generate the reports.