Installing user interface module

.**Hi members,Am trying to set my openmrs development environment,please can one help and walk me through installing user interface module? I downloaded openMRS 2.0.0 to set devlopment enviroment but it lacked user interface module.

There is a link on the 2.0 home page about installing a user interface module. I have poor internet so I can’t look it up

My recommendation is for you to setup a Reference Application server using the SDK

It is the easiest way to setup, customize and run different environments that you need

Larry thanks,I request you to try again and send me that link.I’ve tryed to look around but i have made no progress.

I installed java 1.8 but when i try this process ie checking it with the terminal it tells me the comand am using is not internal or external command.Am using windows7,Do you have a tip which can get me on.Thanks for keeping on.

Hi Senkomago, Am finally at home of my installation,Thanks for your support however,just a word to say. setting up a Reference application seem to be more complex than a download option

Am finally home, Thanks for your support.

Sorry I did not reply sooner. Been really busy. Am glad you finally fixed your issue. But just out of curiosity, did you not see the link to User Interface Modules on the page that says “Platform 2.0 is running”? It was suppose to be there or was it changed?

you have nothing to apologise. It was there but nothing was on it. Thanx, have a good tym man.

@ddmaker well thats strange. Because I can see it fine and it works too.

I tryed several times but nothing was there. May be i was just unluky,some body gave me another link which got me out of the hole.