Installing the Reference App for Enterprise

I am sorry if this is an naïve question (again) but I am trying to do a clean enterprise install of the current Reference App and am following the suggestions at to install the MRS core - Platform WAR (for Enterprise) and then add the reference app.

I seem to have successfully installed the platform although the upload/deploy WAR file failed and I needed to manually unzip the file and run the setup and I have download the war for the reference app.

I have scoured the wiki for information on the next step ie to install the Reference App and it seems the process to do this is taken for granted or very quickly dives into the realm of the developer rather than the implementer.

Could someone tell me what I should be doing next?

Do you have the platform running successfully with a page like this:

Yes exactly other than the current download is

So what do I do next?

Copy the reference application modules and paste them in the modules folder. The modules folder is supposed to be where the runtime properties file it. You can check for this path in your tomcat logs or use this

You got through yet?

So I tracked down where is located in application data/OpenMRS and found in the same folder an empty modules folder and copied all the ref app omods there (correct?) and restarted Tomcat. However when I try and access OpenMRS through a browser I just get the same screen as in your example and not the reference app. The startup was pretty slow with lots of info messages in the tomcat log

Just incase it is a browser caching issue, can you try press CTRL + SHIFT + R

I am running using XAMPP on Windows Server 2016 Essentials and was trying to keep extra software to a minimum and therefore using the version of IE that came in the box. When I switched to Mozilla all was well.

Thanks for your help. I am assuming that the customisations that I made on my earlier test environment can be carried forward if I import the MySQL tables from the prior test - correct?

yes. Database backup keeps track of customization like HTML forms etc.