installing opernmrs standalone

how can i go about that error

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have you seen this OpenMRS SDK - Documentation - OpenMRS Wiki option for installing openmrs! :point_left:

@nyyesigahenry Kindly ensure you are using the correct password as reflected on this link Download OpenMRS | OpenMRS besides you didn’t finish the installation process. Just click on the arrow to proceed to the next page. If you desire to run a standalone with embedded modules,download a reference application version.

Good evening to Juliet when loged in it shows me D5CAE114130A48BA8ACADB9D839BD5C9.png

And about completing installation it shows screenshot below and how can I get correct MySQL password


And lam so thankful for your help


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I want to believe you missed out on the step Set the password for the admin user. These details will be used for the very first time when you log in to the application. Go to the next step. The username is admin and the password is Admin123


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Mrs. Juliet when I login it tells that I don’t have permission of admin 47255D581CDF4C37BDF8E12AAB8EE609.png

Mrs. Juliet when I login it tells that I don’t have permission of admin A47B42E4FBA142709153F089D858430E.png


Oh sorry! which password and username are you using?

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Good evening iam using admin as user name and test as password

Try username: admin Password: Admin123

invalided username or password

and now it takes me direct to log in and iam not seeing this stage again when i try to restall

@nyyesigahenry could you try installing openmrs using OpenMRS SDK - Documentation - OpenMRS Wiki

Good evening to you Juliet

Oh sorry! was a bit busy and I forgot to respond to you. Did you manage installing the standalone? kindly let me know the time we can have a call apparently am attending an OCL call upto 6pm EAT

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