Installing OpenSDK: Can I use a later version of Mysql than 5.6?


I´m trying to get everything to work with the OpenSDK but I got building failed when running “mvn openmrs-sdk:setup” in cmd. I have the latest version of MySQL installed on my computer and read that MySQL 5.6 is needed, but I it doesn´t seem to work with Windows 10 as I have. Should it work for MySQL later than 5.6 or do I need to install Docker?


@rakkila, did you get a chance to look at this ?

Yes, but before that step it says:

“You will also need MySQL 5.6 for development of most OpenMRS modules. Please follow … Once completed, let’s move on to setting up the SDK.”

So I guess I need MySQL?

Then you are good to go ahead.

Thank you for helping! The problem is that MySQL 5.6 doesn´t seem to work with Windows 10, but I will try to download Docker instead.

@rakkila , MySQL 5.6 (community) Server requires the Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package to run on Windows platforms. So you should make sure the package has been installed on your computer before installing the server. The package is available at this link

in case it is not already installed. Otherwise there would be no problem running the server with windows 10.

Thank you! Microsoft Visual c++ 2010 was preinstalled on my computer, I had no idea! But I still wonder why MySQL 5.6 doesn´t work for me… I will try to reinstall it again and see what happens

It’s probably worth your time to install docker, and run mysql that way. Basically this lets you can easily run (and then destroy) any version of any database, or most other software. As a developer that’s great.


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Thank you! Do you think I can use a VM (virtual machine)? I was recommended to use it by some friends instead of Docker since it´s easier to learn but I don´t know if it works with OpenMRS.

I have got MySQL 5.6 to work through Mysql 5.6 command line though, but it´s still not possible to setup a server with “mvn openmrs-sdk:setup”. And I can´t login to MySQL 5.6 via cmd.

Personally I think that running mysql in docker is easier than running it on a VM. (Building things in docker might be a bit harder, but you’d really just be running a one-line command to run an existing image.)

If you cannot log into mysql via the command line, you’re going to have to resolve that problem first. The solution to that will probably allow OpenMRS to connect to it also.