installing openmrs system

error in testing apache in command prompt and it show that :\Users\NYESIGA HENRY>mvn -v ‘mvn’ is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.:\Users\NYESIGA HENRY>mvn -v

Ensure maven is on the system’s PATH if you wish to execute it from any place. add %M2_HOME%\bin to the PATH feel free to google on how to go a bout it.

@nyyesigahenry can this tutorial be of help?

Hi all, I’m trying to implement forget password reset feature in Android Client. I’ve cloned the OpenMRS-core repo and done the initial setup. I cannot find the Api endpoints to request reset password. Also the in docs provided in the issue to configure mail server, localhost:8080/openmrs/…/globalProps.form is not responding<Error 404>

Can somebody help me out?

cc @f4ww4z @rishabh997

the endpoint are provided in this link along with the properties that you have to set before testing this feature. I have a little idea regarding the global properties that you need to setup so create a separate thread so a wider audience can give their inputs


  1. i was going through the readme on GitHub - openmrs/openmrs-core: OpenMRS API and web application code and i have deployed it using mvn jetty:run. and i guess it is done but my local host returns 404 please guide me
  2. sir should i install standalone version or the refrence version from Download OpenMRS | OpenMRS

Its hard to figure out your error. Kindly what are doing and how can we help you please?

sir can u give a updated guidelines for installation.

Should I assume you want to install an openmrs instance? if yes we have two types i.e An sdk instance whose guide is on this link OpenMRS SDK - Documentation - OpenMRS Wiki and a standalone on this link Download OpenMRS | OpenMRS. Feel free to explore all of them

thank you i will see to it.

thanks i installed mvn but now i installed openmrs standalone its failed and slowed that

Which java version are you running?

lam running java7

Kindly use java 8

ok let me get it now