installing OPENMRS standalone

hello OPENMRS community …kindly i am trying to install OPENMRS standalone and installed as instructed now i am trying to open the web but attached is what i get …could it be network or some other issue… i kindly seek for your assistance thanks…

I kindly stand to be corrected but I doubt if we have a standalone of 3.o. Mean while you can try out this OpenMRS

@jwnasambu thanks let me try it out

@jwnasambu kindly i have been able to access the website…now how do i ensure that i have installed the OPENMRS instance? thanks.

Hi guys when I’m trying to download openMRS I’m getting the below error can anyone help me regarding this. Thanks in advance. it is redirecting to different page like in the below image.

Oh sorry! Am not certain which openmrs version you are trying to download but here is the sourceforge link for platform 2.4.0.

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I tried this one also but I’m facing the above issue only. When I clock that download option it is redirecting me to that page.

@janie This is the link on how to get started with 3.o OpenMRS Frontend 3.0 Documentation for Developers

@ram am also getting the same output when I try downloading from the sourceforge. Meanwhile you can try running the SDK, demo or standalone server as the issue is looked into.

cc @ibacher, @dkayiwa

@jwnasambu thanks dia