Installing openmrs in root folder

Hello everyone,

I’l trying to install openmrs in the root folder of tomcat in order to avoid having “/openmrs” in the url. The installation completes successfully but after i install all the module this is how the login page appears

i’m not sure what is the problem but if i only install the legacyui module i’m able to connect but not with the reference app. i’m using openmrs 2.3.0

Any ideas?


how are you doing it? what’s the name of your war file? are you able to inspect the header elements and we look at the resource (css/js) urls? also attach your entire page including the url section

hi joseph, thanks for the reply. i rename the openmrs.war to ROOT.war and placed it in the webapps folder. this is the entire page

i dont’t anything should be changed in any css or js file from what i have seen.


leave the war file as openmrs.war and try again

hi @herbert24, if i leave the war as openmrs, i will have /openmrs in the url

have you tried inspecting the urls? you could also consider renaming the properties file perhaps

ok i will try it.


Hi @k.joseph, Any suggestion on where to look exactely? i still have the same problem.


@marafa have you put the war file in web apps folder of tomcat?