Installing modules in react.js

Hello guys @samuel34 am facing a problem like when I run a command npm i on my pc it brings an error

I also run npm help config but is still brings errors

Am lyk asking for advise you guys

Oh sorry! basing on the logs you shared the error you are getting is related to the internet connectivity. This kind of issues usually happen when you are behind a proxy or a firewall that blocks npm from fetching the requested package.

If you know your proxy address and port, open a console and set your HTTP_PROXY and HTTPS_PROXY variables before running npm, as follows:

set HTTP_PROXY = "http://<proxy server name or IP address>:<proxy port>"
set HTTPS_PROXY = ... ;same as above 

npm install 

Are those errors coming from an OpenMRS related project?

Yes it’s when i clone a project and i need to add the react modules

Thanks Juliet Wamalwa

Can you point me to the project that you’re trying to build?

Was this issue Solved ?

If so am requesting for a share