Installing JDK EE

Am trying to install JDK EE in my machine but it fails running “startserv.bat”, Does it mean i need to first install first JDK SE for JDK EE to install successfully? OR It requires me to install JDK SE and then just install OPenMrs SDK by running this command: mvn org.openmrs.maven.plugins:openmrs-sdk-maven-plugin:setup-sdk on the Gitbash terminal

@kdaud what do you mean by "JDK SE for JDK EE " ?

Does it need to first install JDK Standard Edition so that JDK Enterprise Edition can be installed @tendomart

I however think you only need to install JDK ,the whole dev environment is set up on JDK…Things like maven , IDE’s(like Eclipse ,Intelli-J), OpenMRS-SDK all run on JDK.I do not know about JDK EE !!(Enterprise Edition if that’s what you mean).

did you chance to look at

@tendomart. On jdk download website gives two edition for downloads, Java SE and Java EE. Which one you do i need to install then

we use JDK-SE, Do not use JDK-EE , preferably JDK-8

Have you taken a look at the link above ?

Well, have read through and its so helpful.

first google a bit on how to install jdk on your machine.There are so many links for that online

@herbert24! Alright.