Installing entire CIEL dictionary implications

Could installing the entire CIEL dictionary in an installation/instance slow it down? is this possible technically considering that forms and pages/fragments pull concepts by ids or uuids and almost there’s no where where we pull all concepts, i would expect reindexing to slow down though.

But not sure if installing the entire concept dictionary can technically slow down an installation since we never load all concepts but by ids, uuids, groups, answers etc which would happen even when a part of the dictionary is added to the installation.

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You should be able to, I believe several implementations are already doing it anyways and I haven’t heard any complaints

@k.joseph, it could slow some things down, especially if there’s someplace in code that does something like select all concepts with class=diagnosis. Or conceivably if the server is underpowered on RAM and it was doing just okay with a smaller concept dictionary, but adding all of CIEL takes it over the edge.

You would want to research a bit more about where it’s slow. E.g. does the entire server slow down after installing the whole dictionary? Or just certain functions? You could also look at the slow query log in mysql, or attach a java profiler like yourkit and see what is actually slow.

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