Installing dcm4chee and pacs-integration service

I am able to setup Bahmni successfully on my system following

Now lists few more RPMs which come part of bahmni installation like

  • pacs-integration
  • dcm4chee

However, it seems they were not installed

yum list installed | grep bahmni
Failed to set locale, defaulting to C
atomfeed-console.noarch                1.0-18                    @bahmni        
bahmni-emr.noarch                      0.91-239                  @bahmni        
bahmni-erp.noarch                      0.91-11                   @bahmni        
bahmni-erp-connect.noarch              0.91-11                   @bahmni        
bahmni-implementer-interface.noarch    0.91-31                   @bahmni        
bahmni-installer.noarch                0.91-69                   @bintray--bahmni-rpm
bahmni-lab.noarch                      0.91-18                   @bahmni        
bahmni-lab-connect.noarch              0.91-239                  @bahmni        
bahmni-openmrs.noarch                  0.91-27                   @bahmni        
bahmni-reports.noarch                  0.91-13                   @bahmni        
bahmni-web.noarch                      0.91-239                  @bahmni        
epel-release.noarch                    6-8                       @bintray--bahmni-rpm
python-gdata.noarch                    2.0.11-1.el6              @bahmni   

Could you please provide me with steps to install above two services as well.

Thanks in advance.

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do a grep on dcm4chee

yum list installed | grep dcm4chee

Failed to set locale, defaulting to C

Nothing is being shown.

you can install them both from the bahmni repo by

yum install -y dcm4chee pacs-integration

Tried that as well. However, getting below error :-

In case, it is still not solved, Can you try the following, 1. vi /etc/bahmni-installer/local 2. added localhost[in case you have vagrant]/ip [master/slave]under pacs integeration and dcm4chee 3. Then saved the file 4. bahmni -i local install

this installed both the applications. In case you are looking for postgres replication , follow the steps mentioned below