Installing Bahmni on docker

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Hello I am trying to deploy bahmni ( MRS only) in my hospital. I have synology NAS with docker installed. Can anyone guide me with the step-by-step instructions on installing the bahmni.

@mksrom I referred to the thread (Requirements for Dockerizing Bahmni on the latest CentOS images) and your advice on installing the docker version but i am confused on which all tags i need to install on the docker and further installation process.

@puneet1984 did you go through the main README of our Bahmni Docker project?

The steps are pretty well detailed, but you’ll need a Bahmni distribution to start with.

@zouchine I vaguely remember that there is a way to use our Bahmni Docker with “no distribution” to start with? In which case it would just default to Bahmni off the shelf. Is that the case? If that’s the case then I guess our README should reflect that.

Yes, there is a way to run Bahmni Docker with “no distrubtion”, but that’s only available with the Monolith version for now. The README Can be checked here

The Monolith project is a one docker image for Bahmni, while the current Bahmni Docker is a docker-compose project.

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