Installing Bahmni on AWS

EC2 instance t2.micro CentOS 6.8 - UltraServe CentOS 6.8 AMI APPLICATION - 2016.09.2-1 x86_64 HVM GP2

Swap file created successfully as mentioned on

Following instructions mentioned on “Installing Bahmni version 0.88 (Recommended)” under

Fails on bahmni -i local install

  1. First time it failed on setup.yml - Had to edit to take comment “#” on next line
  2. It went further only to stop at Task [mysql : Install python mysql for ansible] Following services are already running mysqld httpd postgresql-9.2

Installed mysql-python and rerun the Bahmni installation. It moved ahead only to get stuck at Task [bahmni-erp : Install bahmni-erp from bahmni-repo]

After ensuring that there is enough disk space the above error did not occur. But now getting a different error on bahmni-erp - “The following packages have pending transactions: bahmni-erp-noarch”

To resolve Transaction Check error used command this command as mentioned in -

And allowed HTTP and HTTPS requests in the security group associated with the instance to get the site up and running on AWS CentOS 6.8 t2.micro!

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