Installation of laboratory information system.

I am trying to best lab module implement in OpenEMR. Please suggested best opinion all team member,

Hi @nirajkrsinghit.

If you haven’t started to implement OpenMRS (Reference Application) yet, you may want to consider the Bahmni distribution of OpenMRS which includes OpenELIS for managing laboratory.

You may also consider creating an HTML form to collect lab results, or using/modifying an existing form from the OpenMRS form bank…

thanks arbaughj, I trying to this but, what about your opinion for AMPATH ???

For the Reference Application (AMPATH???) I assume your best bet would be to create some custom forms to collect the lab results. If you need a complete LIMS, you could see if the BAHMNI “feed” modules will run on standard OpenMRS and use the Bahmni version of OpenELIS. According to my friends at Bahmni, this should work.

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thanks for better opinion.I am trying to implement OpenELIS.

Can you share the implementation link for windows 7.

I don’t have any information. I don’t know what the system requirements are for Bahmni’s OpenELIS, but Bahmni itself only runs on Cent OS (Linux), not Windows. Someone from the Bahmni group could probably answer that for you.

Hi @nirajkrsinghit - OpenELIS is only supported peripherally by the OpenMRS community, mostly through the integration by the Bahmni integration. To implement OpenELIS on it’s own, you could reach out to the openELIS mailing list where I can connect you to the current developers in the various orgs. Unless the folks at Bahmni are willing to share their installation advice for their version of OpenELIS. There are some instructions for installation under this github wiki, so you could see if those work for you:

Hi janflowers ,Below mention link is no any information available.

@nirajkrsinghit, Did you see the following:

Thanks robby ,This link for linux platform but, We are taking about windows installation.

Run a VM :wink:

No-no its not good , memory issue and machine performance is too much poor .

Well regardless. Unfortunately this is not OpenMRS related so I am closing this topic. Unfortunately – I don’t know much about OpenELIS, and perhaps contact them via their support channel whatever that may be.