Installation error

I followed the steps given in to install and setup in windows-7 machine.

  1. Downloaded and installed git
  2. Downloaded and installed VirtualBox
  3. Downloaded and installed Vagrant
  4. Created folder bahmni in one of the drive
  5. Execute the git command to checkout project source code git clone GitHub - Bahmni/bahmni-vagrant: Management of Vagrant box using Packer. Out-Of-The-Box bahmni on CentOS 6.7
  6. Ran “vagrant up” from bahmni-vagrant directory

Getting the below logs after running above commandbahmni

Please Let me know if we need install/update any extra ruby files to run the project.

Hi @chenduluru, Looks like incompatibility issues with Vagrant and Ruby versions. Can you check the below link for workaround

Hi Himabindu, I tried as per link attached you but still having same issue.

Please do the needful to resolve the issue.

Thanks, Pavan

Hello,I am importing Bahmni project in eclipse ,it is giving me error and unable to get how run on server .every module have so much error