"Install the upgraded module" not appearing for updated module on Manage Modules page


I’m one of the collaborators to OpenMRS community module i.e. Common Lab module. Recently I worked on resolving few of the tickets listed on module Jira page, and didn’t change the version as my assumption is that it is managed by OpenMRS main repository when any PR is accepted. Now I’m facing an issue (which I think was not happening in past), the module is not available for upgrade when “check for updates” is clicked on the manage modules page. Please guide me what could possibly be wrong.

cc: @dkayiwa

Did you build and deploy the common lab module by your own to the modules folder of openmrs?

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Hi @herbert24,

No, I created a PR and that was merged into openmrs repo of CLM module.

Because it does not have a new version available: https://addons.openmrs.org/show/org.openmrs.module.commonlabtest

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Hi @dkayiwa, do we have to manually change the version of module before creating every PR?

@tahira not really

@herbert24 Okay in this case, please help me understand why is the module version not changed on its own? Even the PR was merged successfully.

You need to release each new version.




Ahh thanks for the links @dkayiwa. In that case I’ll have to add the version on the JIRA before each release on the below page, right? But is there also a need to upgrade version in the pom.xml file?

The release command will automatically do that for you.

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thanks @dkayiwa and @herbert24 :slight_smile:

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From @mogoodrich comment in one thread, suggested that ui common module will be released either today or tomorrow, he is fixing some bugs in it so i guess before @tahira release ui common module, we should hold on with @mogoodrich current fix in that module, what’s your suggestion @dkayiwa

@sharif ui commons is a different module :slight_smile:

oops sorry i mistaken that thanks