Install openmrs-config-haiti-master in my bahmni fresh installation


Can someone help me install these config GitHub - mekomsolutions/openmrs-config-haiti: openmrs-module-initializer configuration for the Bahmni distribution for Haiti to my bahmni installation? i am new and want some help.

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Hi @christophe.chris2007,

Why don’t you start from the distro itself? :point_right: GitHub - mekomsolutions/bahmni-distro-haiti: Base Bahmni distribution for Haiti implementations

Bro ! please guide me, I am new in all this. few text should help on how to start.


The distribution that I pointed you to is ready to work with our Docker Compose setup for Bahmni.

In a nutshell you would have to build the distribution and then use the output of the build with our Bahmni Docker Compose.

  1. You’d need to read this first: Bahmni Docker Compose

  2. And then this: The Bahmni Haiti Distribution