Inserting country emblem in the login page

Hello community,

This is my first post regarding a dev topic, please bare with me if I am not doing it properly. I want to add the country emblem on the login page, how would you do that? Also we have 2 hospital EMRs using the same repository, is there a way to customize the login page for each site? We don’t want to include the logo in the other facility’s EMR. Thank you

@kbediri Great to see your post.

There’s no technical reason in OpenMRS that you can’t have different logos, but this has more to do with the way we configure and deploy PIH EMR servers using customizing modules: PIH Sierra Leone github configuration.

The style/logos are currently shared by all the servers configured by this PIHSL module. We would need to change the configuration to allow different style or logo for different PIH SL OpenMRS deployments.

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