Iniz: Upcoming release 2.0.0

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Dear Iniz community of users and developers,

It’s been too long since Iniz was last released and a lot of changes have gotten through since v1.1.0.

This is a warning to all involved that

  • The next release point will jump to be 2.0.0 and that
  • The next development iteration will be 2.1.0-SNAPSHOT.

So get ready for version changes in your distros, POM dependencies and CIs! :slight_smile:
I will confirm on this thread when the release is done and the next development iteration is set.

Thanks a bunch to all those involved in expanding Iniz’ code base: @bistenes @long27km @samuel34 @mksrom @ridmal @rubailly @ruhanga @zouchine

Thanks also to those who have assessed it, used it and who have provided insightful feedback: @amine @frederic.deniger @jdick @lilian @maurya @mseaton @mogoodrich

For info Iniz’s roadmap can be tracked through its GitHub issues:

We are looking forward to expanding on all the great work made collectively here to tackle one of the biggest challenges of OpenMRS: metadata management.

Cc @jesplana


Great work @mksd

well done @mksd and the team

Looking at the pending snapshot dependencies that need to be released, we’re good on all of them, except for Bahmni Appointments 1.2-SNAPSHOT.

@angshuonline this will be discussed in the PAT call but do you think it’ll be ok to do a 1.2 release point? We need it for ICRC anyway as well, killing two birds with one stone here.

Cc @frederic.deniger

Yes. we can. If you need immediate, I suggest that you go ahead with 1.2 release.

@mddubey @snehabagri ^

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For what it’s worth @mksd we are already running the Iniz 2.0.0 release… :slight_smile:

We’ve got the Maven versions plugin set to automatically update to the latest released version of every module, and it picked up a new version of Iniz 2 days ago… was this a mistaken release?

Yes, lol, that’s a mistake. There’s not tag set, master is still on 1.2.0-SNAPSHOT, there’s still snapshot dependencies… etc.

@mksrom, I do see an Iniz 2.0.0 on our Nexus… Do you know how this happened?

So @mogoodrich, for now do not rely on this artifact, it will be removed until the actual release.

Indeed that is a mistake. Not sure what happened, I’ll investigate. In the mean time, I’ll remove the artifact.

As promised, here is the heads up that Initializer 2.0.0 is released.

Next iteration is 2.1.0-SNAPSHOT.


Great work @mksd ,