Iniz Drug Table: Should "Combination" be used?

I’m working with @ibacher to set up a reference set of config for our dev3 and o3 RefApp environments. We’ll call it something like “refapp-sample-data”. I want to include a set of commonly prescribed drugs so the demo experience of ordering makes sense.

I’m creating a drug config table following the Iniz conventions as shown here. I expect this to populate this: image

Question #1: If I add a new column with the header “combination”, and have values like “true”, will that auto-select the Combination field? (Many common drugs are combos, like most ARTs).

Question #2: What does selecting the Combination box actually accomplish? Is this a valuable piece of information? e.g. I checked the PIH EMR demo site for reference and noticed that combo drugs don’t have it selected. So maybe I shouldn’t bother worrying about the Combination data element at all?

CC @mseaton @ball

No. It seems like Iniz only knows how to handle Strength, Concept drug and Concept dosage form (Dosage Form in the screenshot).’

As far as I can tell, it’s just informative; I don’t think we’re handling anything different based on whether a drug is marked as a combination or not.

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