Initializer 2.5.0 Released

Hi all :slight_smile:

I would like to announce that Iniz 2.5.0 is released. :tada: :tada::tada:

A big thanks to the direct committers for this release @ibacher @mksd @mogoodrich @mseaton @mksrom @frederic.deniger @grace

Initializer 2.5.0 Release Notes

  • Added support for AMPATH Forms translations
  • Fix for Message Source when system default language is not English
  • Logging now uses the configured level as a minimum.
  • Added support for drug reference maps on the drugs domain

Also as part of this release, the Initializer Validator has been fixed and can be used to validate OpenMRS configurations.


Hi all again,

A followup patch release of Iniz 2.5.1 has been effected and comes with Validator enhancements that allow you smoothly validate configurations within Maven plugins.

Initializer 2.5.1 Release Notes

  • Enhanced Validator to stop randomly failing because of LazyInitializationException, and better teardown cleanup for uses with Maven plugins such as openmrs-packager-maven-plugin 1.5.0.