Initializer 2.4.0 Released

Hi friends of controlled and versioned metadata initialization, and of OpenMRS configs :slight_smile:

:tada: I am happy to announce that Iniz 2.4.0 is released! :tada:

:warning: This is an intermediary release where the Validator is broken. This is in waiting for a patch version 2.4.1 to fix this.

A big thanks to the direct committers for this release @ibacher @mogoodrich @mseaton @ruhanga

Initializer 2.4.0 Release Notes

  • Added support for ‘fhirconceptsources’ domain.
  • Added support for ‘fhirpatientidentifiersystems’ domain.
  • Enhancement to ensure that reloading Concept CSVs does not clear Members/Answers if those columns aren’t part of CSV file.
  • ‘concepts’ domain to support a new expandable MAPPINGS header, thereby discouraging the older Same as mappings.
  • Concept references expanded to allow use of concept names in locales other than the default system locale.

Again, to be noted that there will be a subsequent version 2.4.1 to fix the Validator, this is why the next development iteration is now set at 2.4.1-SNAPSHOT and not yet 2.5.0-SNAPSHOT.

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